Panasonic is using UV light and photocatalysts to purify water

photocatalyst-2Drinking clean water is something that many people in the world can’t take for granted, as they rely on polluted sources and often have no access to purification systems.Panasonic is developing a new technology that looks to the sun to clean water extracted from the ground. The company recently presented a system that uses sunlight and photocatalysts to purify polluted water at a high reaction rate, to improve access to clean water where it’s needed.  Panasonic has found a way to bind the TiO2 to another particle, zeolite (a commercial adsorbent and catalyst), which solves that problem by enabling photocatalysts to maintain their active site. And, the method requires no binder chemicals because the two particles are bound together by electrostatic force and results in clean water.The technology was recently unveiled at Tokyo’s Eco Products Fair. Panasonic is working with a number of institutions in India to test the product and its capabilities.


The technology is claimed capable of cleaning larger amounts of water faster than existing methods

Purified drinking water is a luxury that many people don’t have and the ones that do take it for granted. I think this is a very good idea and this technology can save a lot of the human population. About 70% of the Indian population relies on groundwater, now let’s face it we we are not sure where that water comes from. I am pretty sure ground water is the cause of many stomach diseases around the world. That’s because we are not sure where the water is coming from. I think that this technology if it gets approved will be a step in the world’s best interest.


Volvo’s new technology which can avoid bicycle crashes


50 % of all cyclists killed in European traffic have collided with a car, while the States see nearly 50,000 cyclist fatalities and injuries each year. Volvo Cars wants to do something about that and has teamed up with protective gravity sports gear manufacturer POC and Ericsson to try to end crashes between cars and bikes. In order to achieve that, the three companies have developed a wearable cycling tech concept which will be revealed at International CES January 6 2015 in Las Vegas.The safety technology consists of a connected car and helmet prototype that will establish 2-way communication between Volvo drivers and cyclists and thereby avoid accidents. The system will offer proximity alerts to both parties.Volvo’s cars come with a standard feature on the all-new XC90, already can detect, warn and auto-brake to avoid collisions with cyclists. The cyclist’s position can be shared through the Volvo cloud to the car, and vice versa, using a popular smartphone app for bicyclists, like Strava. If an imminent collision is calculated, both road users will be warned – and enabled to take the necessary action to avoid a potential accident.The Volvo driver will be alerted to a cyclist nearby through a head-up display alert and  the cyclist will also be warned via a helmet-mounted alert light.155704_World_first_technology_by_Volvo_and_POC_connects_cycle_helmets_with_cars-e1418986510626

I think it is great that Volvo is introducing a technology that can save and avoid many deaths. As i have mentioned earlier that 50 % of all cyclists killed in European traffic have collided with a car, while the States see nearly 50,000 cyclist fatalities and injuries each year. I think this is a very good idea since many people want to be healthy and they ride their bikes but they had the fear of being crashed into a car. But now with this new technological development many people will allow themselves to ride their bikes and be healthy. Now I think they wouldn’t have anything to fear. I know for a fact that people fear this because I am one of them. I do fear Of my life that a car might accidentally crash into me. But that won’t happen in the future any more.

Credit Card as a watch? No Way!



Royal Bank of Canada thinks the world is ready to have their very own Credit Card as a watch.The bank has paired with Toronto-based technology developer Bionym to test a wristband called Nymi (pronounced Nim-ee), which identifies owners through their unique heartbeat and then lets them charge purchases to their credit card.The device looks like a watch, and will soon grace the wrists of 250 RBC clients and staff under a pilot project in Toronto which will start in February 2015. The Royal Bank hopes to get this product all across the country.For now, the Nymi band will only work with MasterCard, though eventually the Royal Bank hopes to allow debit transactions.The wristband has sensors that are programmed to recognize the unique electrical signals emitted by the user’s heart, also called an electrocardiogram. Without the heartbeat identifier the Nymi band shuts down, making it useless it someone steals the device and tries to access your account.


This will mean that the customers would be wearing their payment options on their wrist. I think this is a very good step towards the future. People wouldn’t have to keep track of so many cards at once. I mean why would they when they can just wear it. Nowadays criminals have been stealing credit cards. With this device their won’t be as much crime rate as this device would be useless to anyone other than it’s original owner. I would definitely buy this if I ever could.

A New Taxi App That Will Ease A New Yorker’s Tensions


Hailing down a cab in the city during a storm is a past time near to impossible. Car services such as Lyft and Uber ease the burden of having to wait impatiently in the rain by allowing riders to request a car and track the time of its arrival. However, surge prices during peak transportation times, which includes rainy nights, has negatively impacted the average commuter. These particular rides fares often exceed any reasonable amount that one might pay for a regular taxi.A new law will require New York City to have its own app for hailing cabs and act as a single-stop platform for drivers. The taxi app will incorporate third party services such as Lyft and Uber so drivers can respond to any customer in need of a ride.


City Council Member and software developer Ben Kallos introduced the bill with the hope that a free New York branded Universal E-Hail App would leverage technology rather than force companies out of business by making their apps illegal. I think this app will benefit many people, but I also believe that this app will run companies like Lyft and Uber to the ground. This app if approved by the New York government will be free and I know for a fact that people would rather have something for free than something with doubled prices.

Hacked webcams: Who is the next victim?


Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? If you’ve got a webcam, you might be right. The public is being warned about a website containing thousands of live feeds to baby monitors, stand-alone webcams and CCTV systems. The images from the camera contain of an office, a child’s bedroom, a home’s driveway and a gym.  It is said that anyone one can access these photographs form the Russian website.

Wireless-Baby-Monitor-Camera         webcam

No body is save these days. I know for a fact that a lot of the public use webcams,  baby monitors and CCTV systems, because I am one of them. I find this disturbing that criminals nowadays only have to access a site to keep tabs on you.  This wouldn’t have been possible if we would’t let technology control our lives. Nowadays people are so depended on technology that they believe they can’t live without. This hacking leads me to believe that no technology is safe in this day and age.



The New Hover Board Technology


The hover boards are now turned into reality with the name of Hendo. The 40-kilogram board will be floating above a pillow of air, about to shoot out from under your feet. The high-pitched engine will scream bounce from the sheet of copper as you swivel and glide your way a few feet forward. This is how the future kids would skateboard. The creators believe their technology will someday be used to transport large containers or hold buildings above earthquakes as the ground shakes below. But for now, it’s all about fun. But there are some catches. The Hendo currently only works for about 15 minutes before it needs recharging and can only operate over metal surfaces. And that price tag: $10,000 US.

I think this is a great step towards technology. I think thisel. I always new takes floating to a whole new level. I always knew flying would be possible in the future but I thought it would be when I was older. I saw a movie with something like this technology but i never thought that it would actually be possible. Kids in the future will float instead of skateboard.


The Microsoft Band

Microsoft has released it’s very own fitness band. For the moment it is only available in The States. But many people have touched/seen the band and wrote their experiences online.  It is roughly a wristwatch that shows how far you have walked, your heart rate, and it has it’s own GPS. But people who have worn it say that it is very uncomfortable to wear the watch.


However, I believe that the watch is similar to the band by Adidas. There really isn’t any difference between the two if one decided to compare them except for the fact that it is created by different companies. I think it is cool that a device such as this can tell exactly how much you walked or ran. Now that everyone relies on technology I believe anything is possible.

The Cloud

I have heard a lot about the cloud, but it wasn’t until last week i found out what it is. The cloud is basically the internet. I think it is safe to upload all your files on the cloud. what if your computer doesn’t open or what if the computer reprograms it self and you have a presentation and you can’t access it. But if you have the presentation on the cloud you will have a black up. You can access it anytime anywhere. I think to be on the safe side you should have any presentation on the cloud as a backup.


The Ebola Email Scam

Everyone knows about the Ebola virus. but does everyone know about the email scam. Everyone is afraid of the spread of Ebola. Some criminals have used that as an advantage . They send you an email that says it’s from the World Health Organization and the title might be “Ways to avoid Ebola”. I am sure everyone wants to avoid Ebola so they will open this email. When you open this email a link would pop up. You for sure would click on it. By doing that you have allowed the criminals to everything on your computer from pictures to even your accounts. They will have access to your location and they can frame you on crimes you didn’t even commit.


I find this horrifying that these criminals can invade everything on your personal computer. I know for a fact that some people put their whole lives on their computers. I wonder how many criminals are out there who don’t have an ounce of humanity left in them.

NASA’S mission to send people onto Mars


NASA came up with a new  technology that makes you sleep for months or even years! I think this device is kind of neat. I like the idea that because of this device we would be able to know if life really exist on Mars. That is one of the biggest mysterious of my life. But the astronuts would miss a lot of their lives. I mean when they do come back it would be like 6 years or more. They wouldn’t know about anything about thier new life on Earth.