Month: October 2014

The Cloud

I have heard a lot about the cloud, but it wasn’t until last week i found out what it is. The cloud is basically the internet. I think it is safe to upload all your files on the cloud. what if your computer doesn’t open or what if the computer reprograms it self and you have a presentation and you can’t access it. But if you have the presentation on the cloud you will have a black up. You can access it anytime anywhere. I think to be on the safe side you should have any presentation on the cloud as a backup.



The Ebola Email Scam

Everyone knows about the Ebola virus. but does everyone know about the email scam. Everyone is afraid of the spread of Ebola. Some criminals have used that as an advantage . They send you an email that says it’s from the World Health Organization and the title might be “Ways to avoid Ebola”. I am sure everyone wants to avoid Ebola so they will open this email. When you open this email a link would pop up. You for sure would click on it. By doing that you have allowed the criminals to everything on your computer from pictures to even your accounts. They will have access to your location and they can frame you on crimes you didn’t even commit.


I find this horrifying that these criminals can invade everything on your personal computer. I know for a fact that some people put their whole lives on their computers. I wonder how many criminals are out there who don’t have an ounce of humanity left in them.

NASA’S mission to send people onto Mars


NASA came up with a new  technology that makes you sleep for months or even years! I think this device is kind of neat. I like the idea that because of this device we would be able to know if life really exist on Mars. That is one of the biggest mysterious of my life. But the astronuts would miss a lot of their lives. I mean when they do come back it would be like 6 years or more. They wouldn’t know about anything about thier new life on Earth.


A Comparison Between Window 8 and Windows 7

I think Windows 8 is a better operating system than windows 7. To be honest with you I have never used windows 8 before. But by reading the facts I think that windows 8 is better. I use a Windows 7 at home and i wouldn’t criticize it. But as far as Is have heard Windows 8 is hard to use.

Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft operating system which has been installed on all new Windows computers since 2012.               Windows 7 was primarily intended to be an incremental upgrade to the operating system. Instead of icons Windows 8 has tiles. Windows 7 is very similar to Windows Vista. Windows 8 comes with an antivirus program called “defender”. In Windows 7 you have to download it first. In Windows 8 apps don’t have to be closed by clicking an X in the corner – instead, just press the Windows key on your keyboard to return to the Start Screen. Windows 8 looks different from Windows 7 because Window 8 is designed to also work with touchscreen computers and tablets.

My first post

I am 14 years old. I moved to Canada this July. Originally I am from Pakistan but I lived 13 years of my life in Saudi Arabia. I enjoy yoga and writing novels. I love to read books and write book reviews.

Honestly I have never tried to blog before so this is new for me. I don’t know much about blogs. I read blogs sometimes and they are by authors of books i love. I only read blogs so i can know when the next book is coming out. I think it will be interesting to write my own blog. I want to learn how this blog works, so that when i start writing books or book reviews i won’t have to learn how to use it. I am looking forward to blogging because I love to write and i will get to give my honest opinion to other people.