A Comparison Between Window 8 and Windows 7

I think Windows 8 is a better operating system than windows 7. To be honest with you I have never used windows 8 before. But by reading the facts I think that windows 8 is better. I use a Windows 7 at home and i wouldn’t criticize it. But as far as Is have heard Windows 8 is hard to use.

Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft operating system which has been installed on all new Windows computers since 2012.               Windows 7 was primarily intended to be an incremental upgrade to the operating system. Instead of icons Windows 8 has tiles. Windows 7 is very similar to Windows Vista. Windows 8 comes with an antivirus program called “defender”. In Windows 7 you have to download it first. In Windows 8 apps don’t have to be closed by clicking an X in the corner – instead, just press the Windows key on your keyboard to return to the Start Screen. Windows 8 looks different from Windows 7 because Window 8 is designed to also work with touchscreen computers and tablets.


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