The Ebola Email Scam

Everyone knows about the Ebola virus. but does everyone know about the email scam. Everyone is afraid of the spread of Ebola. Some criminals have used that as an advantage . They send you an email that says it’s from the World Health Organization and the title might be “Ways to avoid Ebola”. I am sure everyone wants to avoid Ebola so they will open this email. When you open this email a link would pop up. You for sure would click on it. By doing that you have allowed the criminals to everything on your computer from pictures to even your accounts. They will have access to your location and they can frame you on crimes you didn’t even commit.


I find this horrifying that these criminals can invade everything on your personal computer. I know for a fact that some people put their whole lives on their computers. I wonder how many criminals are out there who don’t have an ounce of humanity left in them.



  1. This is a professional blog, so you have to be sure to use the proper punctuation. Also, the sentences seemed choppy, you should use some transitional words, and it didn’t seem like you made any effort to make it interesting.


  2. I liked how you stated your opinion clearly so that the audience could understand. At the same time, the sentences were a little choppy, and there were few grammatical errors. You also need to try to expand on your answers and try to explain it a little more thoroughly. I do, however, agree with the fact that this entire situation is unruly and unethical.


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