The New Hover Board Technology


The hover boards are now turned into reality with the name of Hendo. The 40-kilogram board will be floating above a pillow of air, about to shoot out from under your feet. The high-pitched engine will scream bounce from the sheet of copper as you swivel and glide your way a few feet forward. This is how the future kids would skateboard. The creators believe their technology will someday be used to transport large containers or hold buildings above earthquakes as the ground shakes below. But for now, it’s all about fun. But there are some catches. The Hendo currently only works for about 15 minutes before it needs recharging and can only operate over metal surfaces. And that price tag: $10,000 US.

I think this is a great step towards technology. I think thisel. I always new takes floating to a whole new level. I always knew flying would be possible in the future but I thought it would be when I was older. I saw a movie with something like this technology but i never thought that it would actually be possible. Kids in the future will float instead of skateboard.



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