A New Taxi App That Will Ease A New Yorker’s Tensions


Hailing down a cab in the city during a storm is a past time near to impossible. Car services such as Lyft and Uber ease the burden of having to wait impatiently in the rain by allowing riders to request a car and track the time of its arrival. However, surge prices during peak transportation times, which includes rainy nights, has negatively impacted the average commuter. These particular rides fares often exceed any reasonable amount that one might pay for a regular taxi.A new law will require New York City to have its own app for hailing cabs and act as a single-stop platform for drivers. The taxi app will incorporate third party services such as Lyft and Uber so drivers can respond to any customer in need of a ride.


City Council Member and software developer Ben Kallos introduced the bill with the hope that a free New York branded Universal E-Hail App would leverage technology rather than force companies out of business by making their apps illegal. I think this app will benefit many people, but I also believe that this app will run companies like Lyft and Uber to the ground. This app if approved by the New York government will be free and I know for a fact that people would rather have something for free than something with doubled prices.


One comment

  1. I have been to New York and although I only used a cab to get to and from the airport, I can see how this would be a very useful app as the demand for cabs is very high in that city.


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