Panasonic is using UV light and photocatalysts to purify water

photocatalyst-2Drinking clean water is something that many people in the world can’t take for granted, as they rely on polluted sources and often have no access to purification systems.Panasonic is developing a new technology that looks to the sun to clean water extracted from the ground. The company recently presented a system that uses sunlight and photocatalysts to purify polluted water at a high reaction rate, to improve access to clean water where it’s needed.  Panasonic has found a way to bind the TiO2 to another particle, zeolite (a commercial adsorbent and catalyst), which solves that problem by enabling photocatalysts to maintain their active site. And, the method requires no binder chemicals because the two particles are bound together by electrostatic force and results in clean water.The technology was recently unveiled at Tokyo’s Eco Products Fair. Panasonic is working with a number of institutions in India to test the product and its capabilities.


The technology is claimed capable of cleaning larger amounts of water faster than existing methods

Purified drinking water is a luxury that many people don’t have and the ones that do take it for granted. I think this is a very good idea and this technology can save a lot of the human population. About 70% of the Indian population relies on groundwater, now let’s face it we we are not sure where that water comes from. I am pretty sure ground water is the cause of many stomach diseases around the world. That’s because we are not sure where the water is coming from. I think that this technology if it gets approved will be a step in the world’s best interest.


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